Cameron Hughes Sold in Bankruptcy Court

As a fan of Cameron Hughes wines (I personally have four cases of the 2012 Private Reserve in my cellar), I am so happy to hear that Vintage Wine Estates this week bought the brand in a bankruptcy court auction.

Let’s hope Vintage Wine Estates will do great things for the brand (the company also owns Cosentino, Girard, Viansa, Swanson, BR Cohn, and Clos Pegase). Here’s hoping they will continue Hughes’ relationship with Costco stores.

Wine Searcher has an article with more information about this purchase.


    1. Have you tried any particular wines from Cameron Hughes that you hated? If so, please post them so we can warn others. I am a big fan of the 2012 Private Reserve but not much else. Did you happen to get your hands on a bottle of that? It’s fabulous and drinking beautifully now.


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