What Does Wine Mean to You?

Across the world for centuries, wine has had a vast and deep cultural influence. There are the people who are from dyed in the wool wine making families, winemakers, us as consumers, and so many other things in between. It provides pleasure, lifelong careers, and family heritage for countless other people. So, what does wine mean to you?

So often for me, when I think back fondly about all the wonderful gatherings with family and friends up to this point in my life, wine is always involved. Centered around a dining room table with ample food and wine and lively conversation (and debates!) lasting late into the evening, we would have at one point discussed what we are drinking.

ometimes we get together purely to have a wine tasting. A light bodied Bordeaux here, a new world Cab over there, we love to discuss and dissect them all! Even a wine none of us really favors warrants a great discussion, because for our family wine is about the discovery of new flavors, grapes, styles of wine making, trying things from new regions, the list goes on.

Whether your wine focus is on a specific region, or takes you around the world, there is always something new to try and share. It is an adventure! I feel like wine is brand new again when traveling, and I love to enjoy it with local cuisine. Maybe wine does make the world go around. It has led me down a path of entering the blog sphere with my first article. So if you are still reading, thank you!

In the spirit of curiosity and adventures, Salut!

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