Keeping An Open Mind

Often it happens: I am in the tasting room, and a couple walks in. I begin to talk with them, showing them our wine list, then, before I can finish remarking “Merlot Blend,” from my lips, I am (and quite curtly) informed the person in question “doesn’t drink Merlot.”

Ok, so having piqued my interest, I gently inquire what it is about the Merlot grape they find so disdainful? The odd thing is, when they reflect upon it, they find usually they don’t know why. Then, luckily, when coaxed to try the imposing one ounce sampling of said blend, they are more often than not pleasantly surprised that they like it!

These encounters are interesting for me as a wine taster, the entertainment value is there while on the job. I’d also like to think maybe I guided someone to see a varietal in a different light, perhaps they will be open to trying other new things.

So, please, give your wine tasting a chance, try that new bottle of whatever you’ve had your eye on. It might just turn out to be a wonderful surprise!

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