Summer Bounty

It seems like everyone is overheated right now, especially as we move into the long month of August. The fantastic thing about summer is the opportunity to eat so many wonderful fruits and vegetables that are in season at the moment! In the heat, a heavy meal sounds unappealing, so I am taking advantage of all the amazing produce to enjoy light, cooling and healthy salads.

After our trip to the produce market today, I decided to throw together this salad of mixed greens, cantaloupe, blackberries, nectarine and some slivered almonds. Topped off with a touch of ginger dressing and accompanied by a lovely glass of Prosecco, it made for a perfect late afternoon lunch. The added benefit of making salads for meals is not having to turn on the oven and heat up the house.

So keep it made in the shade everyone, and enjoy all the wondrous treats summer produce has in store!


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