In Praise of Bubbles

Sparkling wines are truly a gift from mother nature and are always something to be enjoyed. I live by an ideal that I won’t ever turn down a glass of Champagne. There are wonderful Cremants and Prosecco to savor as well!

The grand dame is of course Champagne. I’m always enchanted by the beauty brought to my palate with yeasty, toasty flavors all wrapped up in a delicate bubble. It really is reminicent of “drinking the stars.” Champagne is always on the list for us when we are going to celebrate the special things in life.

In the world of Cremants, there is so much to explore. Slightly less fizzy and often with a delicate bubble, the Cremants are made in the Methode Champenoise, however they are made outside the designated boundaries of Champagne. It is also interesting to note that they can also be made with varietals other than those required in Champagne, so the tasting possibilities are vast. I have found them to be a good bargain if you want the Champagne taste, without having to use your Champagne budget.

Who could forget to mention Prosecco? I love the Italian version of bubbly. Crisp and clean with lovely fruit, it is perfect for summer sipping, or in a refreshing mimosa. In my opinion great Prosecco can be had at all price points, which makes it perfect for hosting a laid back weekend brunch. It can be poured as is or is wonderful for elegant cocktails.


Photo by: KC

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