Changing World: Having Fun With Plant Based Pairings

It’s no secret that more and more people worldwide are adopting plant-centric diets, for a myriad of reasons. So it would seem reasonable to speculate that some of them also like to enjoy wine! I know I do! A good example would be my spring trip to Paris, where my husband and I found it incredibly easy to find amazing plant based cuisine and all of the places we tried had nicely curated wine pairing list to choose from to accompany our meal.

I love to experiment in the kitchen, and my latest is a plant based herb cheddar cheese. Chives and dill were used this time around, but who knows that I’ll throw in there next time! With a base of cashews and a few other ingredients, this came together quickly. Being a mild cheddar, I decided on enjoying it with a lighter bodied Chardonnay, selecting the Bridgman 2014 bottle. (The 2012 vintage was a Wine Enthusiast Best Buy).

My husband and I enjoyed this as a late afternoon snack, and you can too if you would like to make this cheese. Here is the recipe.

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