Thieves Uproot Vines and Steal Bordeaux Grapes

Around seven tons of grapes have been stolen from vineyards in Bordeaux mid-harvest, a double blow for producers already suffering one of the lowest yielding harvests in the country’s history. The grapes have become highly prized due to this year’s significantly smaller harvest, forcing many vintners to employ security guards for their vines.

Last month alone, over seven tons of grapes were stolen from Bordeaux vineyards under the cloak of nightfall. Other victims include a vineyard in Génissac near the Saint Émilion region, a vineyard in Pomerol, a third theft in Lalande-de-Pomerol, and a staggering 500 vines were uprooted from a vineyard in Montagne.

Read more about this unprecedented thievery in France.


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