What’s For Lunch? Lobster Roll + Chardonnay

What’s For Lunch? Lobster Roll Paired with Chardonnay.

With the weather in the southeast persisting with the heat and humidity, I find I only feel like eating cold food in an effort to cool off. Recently I came across a delicious plant based lobster roll recipe and thought it would pair well with a lighter unoaked Chardonnay. A perfect light lunch!

The lobster “meat” is made from hearts of palm, which have a meaty texture and a flavor that lends itself to being a good seafood analog. I chose a bakery fresh baguette for the bread, and lightly toasted with my favorite “buttery spread.” This hit the spot!

For the wine I went with the Smoking Loon 2016 Steelbird Unoaked Chardonnay. Made by Don Sebastiani and Sons out of Sonoma and Napa, this wine is a consistent scorer in the high 80’s and comes in under $10, making it a great everyday sipper, and was a perfect match for the lighter version of a rich lobster sandwich.

If this sounds good to you, check out the full Lobster Roll recipe.

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