Thanks to the Wine Industry, the U.S. is $219 Billion Richer

The nation is $219.9 billion richer thanks to the wine industry. The National Association of American Wineries conducted a study showing that in 2017 alone, the wine industry’s whopping economic impact topped $200 billion. The study includes figures for all 50 states where wine is produced.

Among the highlights of the study:

  • There are 10,236 winery facilities in all 50 states.
  • Grapes are grown on 677,629 acres of vineyards in 49 states.
  • The wine industry supports 1,738,270 American jobs.
  • Total annual wages exceed $75.7 billion.
  • The wine industry generates a total of $36.5 billion in total taxes, including more than $19 billion to the federal government and $17.4 billion to states and localities.

Read the full results of the survey.

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