Bordeaux Worries About Cabernet Quality

It’s been a weird growing season in Bordeaux, with the 2017 harvest creating a slew of challenges. First came an unusually warm spring and a very early bud break. Then the destructive frost hit, followed by rainstorms and hail.

Due to the weather, some wineries reported staggering grape losses, including Fourcas Hosten in Listrac (which lost 40-50% of their Merlot grapes to the frost), Chasse-Spleen in Moulis (which lost half its crop), and a whopping 90% loss of Haut-Médoc’s Fifth Growth Camensac.

Most winemakers and experts are already tempering consumer expectations for the 2017 vintage, warning that the wines will most likely be “average” and obviously incomparable to the 2016s. The Bordeaux harvest is already half of what it usually produces due to this year’s weather challenges.

It’s going to be a tough vintage for Bordeaux lovers.


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