Cayuse Scrapping 2015 Wines Due to Bad Corks

Sad news from the world of Washington wine. Popular winery Cayuse Vineyards is being forced to scrap the release of many of its 2015 vintage wines due to a batch of faulty corks. The winery faces a potential loss of more than $3 million.

Winemaker Christope Baron says close to 3,000 cases are affected (not including nearly 3,000 magnums), including the highly rated En Cerise Syrahs, Bionic Frog, Cailloux Vineyard, and En Chamberlin.

The team discovered parrafin particles and what they described as an “oily film” on the corks, and it soon became clear the entire bottling was ruined. Read more about this breaking news story in Wine Spectator.

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