Review: Disney’s Victoria Falls Lounge

Even if you are into Disney bar hopping, this little bar at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is not worth making a special trip to go to — there’s nothing unique or special about it, it just feels like a hotel lobby bar. But if you are waiting for your table to be ready at Boma (as we were), it’s not a bad place to hang out. In fact, Boma is so notorious for seating you way later than your reservation time that you might as well go ahead and have a cocktail here while you wait.

Decent selection of mostly South African wines by the glass or bottle (a bottle is a better deal though man, is it gonna cost you nearly 4 times the retail price)! I get the feeling they change prices often since none of the drink menus have prices listed. Make sure you ask how much something costs if you want to avoid sticker shock.

Minus a few stars due to the boring setting and decor and the slow service. It took forever to get served and to get our check even after politely asking for it repeatedly.

Note: We fully paid for our wine tasting experience at this venue, it was not comped.


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