New Year’s Eve Party Fare + Midnight Champagne Toast

By: Kate

Well here it is upon us, New Year’s Eve! Parties abound, champagne is flowing and everyone will be having a great time! In our area there are elaborate displays of fireworks that go off throughout the evening, making for a beautiful addition to a party.

I thought it would be fun to share a sampling of a couple plates that I made for our celebration, plant based style. One of my favorites is Smoked Salmon and Wasabi Sandwiches with Chive Cream Cheese. These are so delicious and pair well with champagne. Slow roasted and marinated carrots are the stand in for salmon here, and they are amazing in taste and texture. The cream cheese is an almond based version from Kite Hill, and does a great job of being creamy and rich! Toasted sesame seeds adorn one side of the sandwiches and add beautiful dimension to the flavors inside.



Next I decided to go with something a little on the sweet side to counter the savory sandwiches, and so I made a Balsamic Date and Walnut Compote and served it with almond cream cheese atop freshly made crostini. These turned out so well, with a candied texture and just enough Balsamic to play with the delicate sweetness of the dates.


Now, what to drink with these delicious treats? We will be toasting in the new year with the Premier Brut from the Louis Roederer house. This is a non vintage bottle, and has been rated between 92-90 points depending on who you ask.

The history of the Roederer house is interesting. Located in Reims, it was founded in 1776 and was inherited by Louis Roederer in 1833. An ardent visionary, Roederer carefully cultivated grapes for their own use, versus many Champagne houses that buy their grapes. They are the one of the few houses that has been under family ownership and has remained independent. Many of the Roederer vineyards are of Grand Cru designation. The production is roughly three million bottles annually.


The family formed The Fondation Loius Roederer that is a patron and supporter of the arts community, and has been involved with many visual and performing art festivals and installations. Now that is something worth celebrating!

How are you ringing in the new year? We would love to hear about your celebrations!

Here is wishing a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year to all.

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