Review: Du Vin in West Hollywood, CA

This little wine shop is worth a quick browse but not much more. The guy running the place is super nice and friendly and the shop has a really cool wine cellar type vibe. The racks are overflowing with lots of bottles of wine (no, really: watch yourself or you’ll find that you are bumping into bottles)! I’m very clumsy so this store just stressed me out way too much. I was terrified that my bag / arm / shoulders would send a priceless vintage bottle hurtling towards the ground. I couldn’t deal so I mostly hung out by the front door and chatted up the employee about the awesome espresso machine behind the front counter.

The store is very heavy on European wines. I didn’t see many California wines at all, but if you are looking for something French then this is your place! There were also many large format bottles that would be nice for a collector. As would be expected in a swanky neighborhood, the prices are inflated.

I liked the animal rights signs and stickers throughout the store and I really liked the overall atmosphere of the store. Minus stars for the cramped, claustrophobic shelving and the fact that there’s no parking lot (good luck finding metered street parking here)!

I wouldn’t go out of my way to stop here again but I’m glad I checked it out. It all depends on what you are looking for.

This review is the personal opinion of the author. We are not compensated for our reviews.



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