Winery Visit: Tenuta Riseccoli in Chianti, Italy

We stopped at this charming little winery while driving through Tuscany and I’m so happy we did! This was an adorable little tasting room with a friendly, complimentary tasting.

All the wines were tasty and we purchased a couple of bottles of local Chianti that never made it home from Italy with us. Americans see Chianti wine as being crappy or in big wicker-wrapped jug bottles but that’s not the case in Italy. Chianti wines are amazingly good and reasonably priced.

The family-run vineyard and tasting room had a nice set-up and everyone was super friendly. They even had a sampling of the olive oil that is made from the olive trees on site.

The photographic opportunities are good here as well; their stone building and grounds are gorgeous. Worth a stop if you are on the road and happen to pass by!

Note: We fully paid for our wine tasting experience at this venue, it was not comped.



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