Winery Visit: Piña

It amazes me that this place doesn’t require an appointment because the tasting room is so small that even 6 guests make it feel crowded. The tasting room is really just in the chilly barrel room so you get a nice ambiance (but bring a sweater, it’s cold in there)! If you like big red wines, you should try to stop in for a tasting.

Our hostesses were very friendly and seemed to be having fun pouring the wines. One even entertained us with a couple of songs on her guitar. The tasting was a little too leisurely for me but after reading the other reviews, your mileage may vary! The hostesses were professional and answered all questions about the wine (no matter how elementary or advanced). I was also impressed when we finished our tasting they asked if we’d like to revisit any of the wines (nice touch).

The wines themselves were very good but great gooly moogly were they overpriced. I’m sorry but none of the wines tasted like they should be priced over $50 – $60 max and there were some super pricey bottles (in the $150 + range) that didn’t warrant their price tags. I’m not saying the wines were bad, they were just overpriced. And there’s not much I hate more than an overpriced wine!

The tasting is $30+ per person (sadly, that’s a “normal” price for a wine tasting in Napa Valley these days) but at least it includes a very nice souvenir wine glass. We shared a tasting (no problem to do this) and I gave my glass to a nice newlywed couple who were tasting next to us. I believe they did waive the tasting fee if you purchased wine, but it had to be a fairly expensive bottle.

Note: We fully paid for our wine tasting experience at this venue, it was not comped.



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