Wine Bloggers Conference: Live Wine Blogging Whites (Highlights Part 2)

Our highlights from day two of the Live Wine Blogging event:

Live wine blogging at the Wine Bloggers Conference is no joke! Trying the Heritage Series Chardonnay

Goat cheese and Columbia Valley Semillon? A food and wine pairing that’s unbeatable. Your taste buds will likely jump up and pat you on the back if you try these two together.

Halfway point of live wine blogging at ! Five down, five wines to go! Table #6 still feeling fine!

Beautiful crisp nose of freshly cut grass, this New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most flavorful, fruit-forward whites I’ve had. Sauv Blanc fans, give this one a go!

Now this is an exciting, lively wine! Huge flavor bomb from New Zealand Sauv Blanc.

Hertage Series Chardonnay from seems better suited for life as a food wine, and that’s okay! Unusual nose and flavor atypical of traditional Chard. This one could stump somms during a blind tasting.

Unexpected gem from Uruguay, the 2017 Albarino. Clean, fresh acidity and sassy saltiness, peachy aromas with mouthwatering flavors. Looking for an interesting wine? This is it.

Uruguay in the house at

Today the pours $19 / bottle Hard Row to Hoe dry Riesling from winemaker Judy Phelps from Lake Chelan region. Atypical with very little sweetness yet beautiful clarity in the glass.


Last round, #10 from , 2016 Chalk Hill Sonoma County Chardonnay, aged 12 months in barrel gives it a luscious vanilla essence. Traditional style Chard, oaky and delicious. Large production, but adore this wine.

I don’t want this year’s live wine blogging to end! Amazing event every year at the Wine Bloggers Conference!

My personal winner at this year’s Wine Bloggers Conference was Rodney Strong and their Chalk Hill Chardonnay. Delicious wine!

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