Holiday Party Wine Gift Etiquette

With the holiday season upon us, we here at The Grape Geeks often get questions about the etiquette of bringing wine to a dinner party or drop-in. While we consider wine to be the perfect hostess gift, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. The wine should always be seen as a personal gift or the host. That means he or she can do with the bottle as he or she pleases.

2. Never put pressure on the host to open the wine you’ve brought. It’s very tacky to bring a wine you want to drink and then expect the host to open it so you’ll have something you’re sure to enjoy. Don’t be “that guy.”

3. Do not be offended if the host opts to serve a different bottle of wine instead of your gift. Many menus are planned around a specific wine, and yours may not be a good pairing.

4. Match the price range of the bottle with the “fanciness” of the occasion. Stopping over at a best friend’s house for an hour? A $20-$30 bottle will do. Going to an extravagant 6 course meal at your bosses’ home? Try to up the price range a bit more.

5. One bottle is always appropriate; two bottles will make you friends for life. Just kidding, but a “bonus” bottle is always a fun move.

Bottom line: don’t stress because wine is always a great hostess gift! Happy holidays to everyone from The Grape Geeks.

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