Red or White? What Your Choice Says About Your Personality

Red? White? The New York Post shared this fun little survey about what your wine preference says about your personality.

White wine drinkers are more likely to be night owls and extroverts, while red wine drinkers are more likely to be early birds and introverts. Prefer cats to dogs? Then you likely prefer white wine. Listen to jazz music? Then red wine likely fills your cellar.

The findings, while not scientific in any respect, are a ton of fun to read about and discuss. Which results do you think are the most accurate? Do any of the findings fit your personal preferences? Share your thoughts with us! Read more.


  1. Hello, I like beer! Whenever i feel some tension or stress then i drink. After drinking i feel very comfortable. Beer also best for weight loss & beer bost human energy. I have made a little wine bar in my house. I sit here daily and drink beer.


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