Five Fun Facts About Merlot

Here’s a fun list of wine facts that you can roll out at your next party. Check out these five fun facts about Merlot. Did you know…

  1. Merlot is the most planted variety in Bordeaux.
  2. Merlot translates to “little blackbird” in an old regional French dialect.
  3. Cabernet Franc is the father of Merlot, but do you know the mother? It’s a very rare varietal called Magdeleine Noire des Charentes.
  4. The $5,0000 per bottle Petrus is made almost entirely of Merlot.
  5. Merlot is second-most planted grape in the entire world. (Cabernet Sauvignon gets the honor of being #1).

We’d love to know: what’s your favorite Merlot fact? Or what’s your favorite Merlot wine?

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