Wine Pairing Quick Tips: Riesling

Welcome to our new series, Wine Pairing Quick Tips. Here you’ll find an easy to read and easy to reference list of which foods pair best with certain varietals. This week we’re focusing on Riesling.

Riesling might be one of the more misunderstood wines. In the U.S. it varies a lot in style, and many produce a very sweet Riesling that has almost become the norm for Riesling style in the U.S. Truth is, Rieslings from Europe are often very minimally sweet, and this wine’s balance of acidity and sweetness actually makes it a very food-friendly option. The thing I love best about Riesling? It balances spice incredibly well, making it a perfect accompaniment to Thai food or other spicy dishes.

Cheese/nust: Havarti, gouda, candied walnuts or pecans

Meat/poultry: smoked sausage, duck, foie gras

Seafood: sea bass, trout

Fruits and Veggies: apricots, chili peppers, pears

Herbs and Spices: rosemary, ginger, Thai or Indian spices

Sauces: BBQ, spicy, chutney

Desserts: apple pie, caramel sauce



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