Wine Consumers Want Direct Shipping

Sometimes physically going to a wine or liquor shop is a pain. Often they won’t have the selection you require, or a certain vintage is impossible to get. It’s no wonder many wine consumers are now turning to direct shipping in droves. It’s a convenient, easy way to access great wines while eliminating the middleman.

All of this should be music to the ears of wineries, as they are able to charge retail prices and make even more profit from their loyal consumers. In 2018, consumers spent over $3 billion in direct to consumer (DTC) shipping, which means they purchased wine that was shipped to them directly by the winery. This number represents a 12 percent increase from the year prior.

Want to know which states and varietals are the most popular for DTC shipping? Check out the recently released 2019 Direct to Consumer Wine Shipping Report, which gives some truly eye-opening insights into today’s wine shopper. Read more.


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