The Economic Impact of Covid-19 on Wineries

WineAmerica’s new survey provides some answers, as their survey reveals the immediate economic impact of Covid-19 on U.S. wineries.

A total of 1,085 wineries in 49 states responded, or approximately 10% of the 10,491 wineries in the country (according to Wines Vines Analytics). The survey questions looked at “the overall effects on employment, production, tourism, sales, expenses, and total financial loss.” The results were as follows:

Normal Employment: 11,043

March Layoffs: 4,496

Normal Annual Visitors: 26,096,279

Events Canceled: 4,582

Unanticipated Expenses: $840,487

Total Financial Loss in March due to Coronavirus: $40,439,764

You can access the full survey and more data interpretation here. Read more.

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