Winery Visit: Oregon’s Delifino Vineyards

There’s a solid balance going on at Delfino Vineyards: 5 star hospitality, 3 star wine. Sometimes it’s all about the experience, and this endearing little winery delivers that tenfold! If you’re looking for perhaps the friendliest winery in the area, look no further. I was hosted here along with a group of 19 other wine writers at the annual Wine Media Conference, and it was one of the highlights of my visit to Oregon’s Umpqua Valley winegrowing region.

This small, unassuming family winery screams “down home hippie!” from the rooftops. Two adorable dogs welcomed our group, and we were shown to a large outdoor covered seating area on soft grass. The winery holds a plethora of events, and I would love to return and attend one because they sound amazing (for example: a tie dye party with a Janis Joplin lookalike who performed all her classic hits).

Owners Jim and Terri Delfino are the cutest couple you will ever meet. So sweet, and absoutely stellar hosts. You can tell they are very proud of what they’ve done and what they do. Their winery reflects every ounce of their charm.

As it goes with many wineries, Delfino tries to make everything under the sun. Sometimes it’s best when a vineyard focuses on just a couple of varietals that they do well. I tasted 11 of the wines in their extensive portfolio, from the Dolcetto to the Mezzo Mezzo (a Cabernet Savignon and Merlot blend). The two standouts for me were the Tempranillo and the Forza dessert wine. Both had lovely fruit, and would be nice casual sippers and in the case of the Forza, a crowd-pleasing after dinner drink. Most of the wines are priced in the mid-$30 range, which is a bit on the higher side.

While the wines weren’t among my favorites of my trip to the region, the hospitality at Delfino was the best of the best. I highly recommend this winery as a jumping off point if you are in the Roseburg area and want to get your feet wet sampling Oregon wines in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Oh: and make sure you ask Jim and Terri the origin of their dolphin-themed wine label.

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