Greek Grapes: Here’s What You Should Try

When thinking of the seaside country of Greece, the first thing that probably pops into your head would be the grand Acropolis, the crumbling Parthenon, the crystal clear waters and black sands of Santorini, or the luxurious party resorts of Mykonos. But the latest craze for the tiny country is one that few know: locally produced wine!

Agiorgitiko, Xinomavro, Limniona, and Savatiano: Greece has a wide variety of grapes that make some interesting, tasty wines. Confused at which varietals are the best to try? Decanter has a handy guide just for you! Read more.


6,000 Year Old Wine Found in Italian Cave

The history of wine and its cultivation continues to be rewritten. This article explores new research indicating the history of wine may be much older than scholars have originally thought.

Perhaps ancient wine making techniques could bring about a whole new wave of different types of wines to try in our present times. Who might be the first to make wine using only ancient wine making tools? Would it be drinkable to the modern day palate?

Read more about this fascinating discovery.

Thieves Uproot Vines and Steal Bordeaux Grapes

Around seven tons of grapes have been stolen from vineyards in Bordeaux mid-harvest, a double blow for producers already suffering one of the lowest yielding harvests in the country’s history. The grapes have become highly prized due to this year’s significantly smaller harvest, forcing many vintners to employ security guards for their vines.

Last month alone, over seven tons of grapes were stolen from Bordeaux vineyards under the cloak of nightfall. Other victims include a vineyard in Génissac near the Saint Émilion region, a vineyard in Pomerol, a third theft in Lalande-de-Pomerol, and a staggering 500 vines were uprooted from a vineyard in Montagne.

Read more about this unprecedented thievery in France.


Sauvignon Blanc’s Diverse Charms

One of the most popular white wines in America these days is sauvignon blanc, made from a grape variety that had such little support in the 1960s that Robert Mondavi changed its name.

Read more about the charms of this diverse wine.


Photo Gallery: 2017 Napa Valley Grape Harvest

The Napa Register has a fantastic online collection of photos from this year’s grape harvest in Napa Valley. You can view the photo album online.

Which Wine Pairs Well With Weed?

With recreational marijuana becoming big business in the wine-friendly state of California, some businesses are becoming proactive by trying to find a creative way to combine the two pleasure industries.

In Sonoma, one innovative company has started to hosts wine and weed dinners, pairing classic farm to table cuisine with rolled joints as an accompaniment.

So what should you smoke and what should you eat? According to the experts, sativas go well with whites and indicas pair perfectly with reds. Check out the in-depth write-up about this hot new industry on NPR.

Thieves Steal $300k of Wine from Paris Catacombs

Apparently some people will stop at nothing to get their hands on fine wine! As is evidenced by this nefarious heist of expensive wines from a Paris apartment building, by way of the famed Catacombs no less. You have to hand it to the cunning of the thirsty criminals for using the dark and labyrinthine tunnels at their disposal for lifting some nice wine.

But then what?

Do they just enjoy drinking their spoils? Or risk getting caught in the re-selling of the bottles? I’m certainly not suggesting anyone steal wine, but I think after all that work I’d have to sample the stolen goods!

And maybe look into a lock for my wine cooler.