Wine Pairing Quick Tips: Merlot

Welcome to our new series, Wine Pairing Quick Tips. Here you’ll find an easy to read and easy to reference list of which foods pair best with certain varietals. This week we’re focusing on Merlot.

Food pairings that will make the Merlot in your glass sing include:

Cheese/nuts: Parmesan, Pecorino-Romano, chestnuts, walnuts

Meat/poultry: grilled meats, steak

Seafood: grilled meatier fish, ahi tuna

Fruits and Veggies: caramelized onions, tomatoes, plums

Herbs and Spices: mint, rosemary, juniper

Sauces: bolognese, bearnaise

Desserts: dark chocolate, berries, fondue

Top tip: if drinking Merlot with chocolate, make SURE that the wine is sweeter than the chocolate. If not, the wine will taste sour. (Chocolate is tough to pair with!)


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