12 Things You Should Know About Dom Perignon

Ah, Dom Perignon, a classic and revered bottle of Champagne. It is always delicious and a perfect companion to celebrate a special occasion! But how much do we really know about it? Here are twelve interesting facts about Dom Perignon that you may not have read about before.


NASA: It’s Possible to Make Wine in Space

In the coolest wine nerd news today, a NASA scientist has claimed that it’s absolutely possible, with the right technology, to make wine in space.

Now who wants to be the first to try an out of this world Cabernet? Read more.

Wine and Cheese Make You Smart and Healthy

It’s music to my ears: experts have determined that wine and cheese make you smart and healthy! Taking into account how much cheese I consume and how much wine I drink (shhh…I’ll never tell), I should be the healthiest (as well as the smartest) human on Earth.

New studies say cheese doesn’t have health risks, and wine helps your brain. This, folks, is the kind of scientific study I can 100% get behind!

Now where’s my Syrah and my cheddar?

Can Virginia Wines Age?

A noted sommelier opens up a few older bottles in the name of research and reports on experiments with aging Virginia wines. The results may surprise you. Read more to discover the results of his taste tests.

Animals: The New Trend in Sustainable Winemaking

Winemakers are using sheep, draft horses, dogs, and other animals to practice eco-friendly winemaking techniques to contribute to a sustainable future. From plowing the fields to sniffing out mealybugs, animals are being used more than ever to aid winemakers in crafting that perfect vintage. Read more.

The Magic Behind Napa’s Mountain Wines

The mountain slopes of Napa Valley’s wine growing region are home to acres of grapevines that produce some of the state’s finest wines (the grapes grown on Howell Mountain are some of my personal favorites).

The landscape is magically stunning, but why is the fruit grown in these higher elevations so much more expressive, pure and aromatic? Read more.

Could You Pass the Master of Wine Exam?

So you think it’s easy to pass the master sommelier exam? Sure, we’ve all boasted that we could do it after polishing off a bottle of Bordeaux, declaring proudly (and loudly, depending on how many glasses we’ve consumed), “how hard could it be?

Well, now that this year’s exam is over, the questions candidates faced have been published — and wow, are there some doozys! No matter how much of an expert you fancy yourself, this test will seriously make your eyes weep.

Check out the complete list of questions to see if you could’ve been named a Master of Wine.