Review: Le Bar à Vin du CIVB in Bordeaux, France

Le Bar à Vin du CIVB is a welcoming, modern wine bar in the heart of Bordeaux. This is a very popular spot that fills up quickly, and reservations are not accepted.

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The Unique Taste of Arizona Wine

You’ve heard the jokes about Arizona’s wine, often peppered with a punchline that would make even the most adventurous oenophile shy away from anything grown and bottled in the Grand Canyon state.

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Wild Yeasts’ Role in Terroir

No yeast, no wine. We all have tiny microbes to thank for giving us the endless flavors and permutations of wine from all over the world. With new sequencing technology being developed, it is now possible to see with much more specificity strains of yeasts in the vineyard than before, when they were simply put onto a petri dish.

Review: Bar Luce in Milan, Italy

I am a major — MAJOR — movie nerd and lover of all things Wes Anderson. When I read that he had designed a cafe at the Prada museum in Milan, it was a no-brainer that I had to book a plane ticket and jet off to Italy. Mere months after I first learned of Bar Luce, my butt was on a plane across the pond!

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