Review: Enoteca Castello at Disney’s Epcot

It’s Epcot so it’s an expensive place to drink and it’s undoubtedly fake. But as a frequent visitor to the “real” Italy, this is pretty close in terms of atmosphere. I like Enoteca Castello because the employees are really from Italy (but surprisingly they don’t seem to be amused nor a good sport about it if you try to converse with them in Italian and yes, my husband is nearly fluent in the language so it’s not like we are speaking simple phrases).


The employee aloofness aside, this is a good place to stop while drinking around the world. The wines and drinks are overpriced (of course they are!), but it really brings me back to lounging at a cafe on a public square in Venice when I sit under the soft light with a (fake) “Piazza San Marco” as the backdrop while sipping a glass of lemoncello or prosecco.

And that’s what you should order here — the lemoncello or prosecco (basically the Italian version of champagne / sparkling wine). Do not waste your time with the other wines. Try to snag one of the outdoor seats overlooking the fake Rome landmarks.

This bar isn’t perfect (with its not so friendly bartenders and the fact that all of the drinks are served in PLASTIC glasses instead of real crystal glasses, which really, really stinks), but the atmosphere is the tops. We always make a beeline for this place whenever we are back visiting Epcot.

Note: We fully paid for our wine tasting experience at this venue, it was not comped.



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