Wine Travels: Food and Wine Encounters of the Grape Geeks

We here at the Grape Geeks love to travel. That together with a passion for wine ensure we’re bound to have a good time wherever we go! In this little series we will explore the food and wines we have enjoyed at different locales, near and far. Starting off, we will visit Napa for some delicious wine served with a well curated cheese plate.
This summer, we were lucky enough to have all of us GG on hand for a tasting at the beautiful O’Brien Estate in Napa. Our mid morning appointment made the accompanying snacks perfect for nibbling on during the tasting.
Among the wines we tried, I particularly enjoyed the 2017 Chardonnay. Quite a substantial mouth feel with lovely notes of tropical fruits, citrus and butter. With a well balanced flavor profile, the wine was fun to try along with the dried fruits and almonds. With its nice touch of oak it also can stand up to the fattiness of the cheeses that were on hand, particularly a nutty Manchego curado.
One of the elements of the cheese plate that was unique was the addition of different kinds of dried grapes. The concentrated flavor of the red grapes were interesting to try with the 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon. Made with sun soaked valley floor grapes, this for me is a must have Cab and several bottles made their way home with me! Rich, delicious with great structure and silky smooth palate.
All in all, we tried six different wines in a leisurely tasting. The food was just enough to compliment the wines and take the edge off any hunger pangs of approaching lunch time. The wonderful company of my fellow Grape Geeks completed the experience!

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